The creation of the CalmDryer

Konstantin Weid, the creator of the CalmDryer, has been developing this product for almost five years. It all started with his mother asking him to tidy up the hair dryer in the bathroom after he was done. It was clear to him as a designer that there should be something not arising the need to be tidied up.

He discovered that this everyday product is hidden in most cases. It’s taken out of the cupboard, plugged in and stowed away again, and if left out, it will appear messy. Looking at commercial hair dryers these remind us of a gun or spigot, which is associated more negative. Furthermore, the hair dryer does not offer a proper standing or lying surface and thus has a cluttered look. The unstable position of the hair dryer may cause the appliance to fall on the floor. The space in a bathroom is often limited, so conventional hair dryers take up too much space due to their chunky nature. In conclusion, there are few plausible reasons for the commercial design of a hair dryer.

So the idea was born and he started to carry out the first form studies with familiar forms from nature.

In the beginning was the Egg

Inspired by the organic shape of an egg, the new hair dryer should look like a tidy decorative element. This form, familiar since the beginning of time, radiates a certain calm. The aesthetics of the golden ratio, organic and functional complexity combine to form a pure economy of form.

Meanwhile, he started his studies at the Nuremberg Institute of Technology and picked up this idea again and again until he finally decided to realize this project as a bachelor thesis.

He knew that there was a long way from the first concept model to an actual prototype, so he started sketching…

After the first idea came up in 2014, it was further developed in 2018 as part of the bachelor’s thesis. Already during the final vernissage where the work was presented, there was great interest in the hair dryer and its market entry. Konstantin’s childhood friend Pascal saw potential in spreading this solution to others. Together with a common friend, who’s got experience with marketing and social media, they want to bring this idea to life. But to realise their vision, they need your support. They are looking for a strong partner and investor who is at their side about development, production and sales with help and advice.


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